What is Quality of Life?

August 24, 2016

If you could eavesdrop on the conversations veterinarians have with pet families, you would frequently hear comments which include the phrase “quality of life.” Quality of life can refer to a broad set of factors impacting day to day living: income, housing availability, gross domestic product, availability of safe water and foodstuffs, or an intangible … Continue reading What is Quality of Life?

Six Characteristics of Clients that Improve Their Pet’s Healthcare

August 18, 2016

Veterinarians spend as much time working with their patient’s human as much as they do with their animal patients. Sometimes, pet families can help increase the quality of their pet’s medical care by modifying their uniquely human behavior. Here are six traits which you can modify to improve your pet’s healthcare. 1. Patience Your pet … Continue reading Six Characteristics of Clients that Improve Their Pet’s Healthcare

Does My Cat Need a Biopsy?

August 10, 2016

The Animal Medical Center’s webmaster received the following electronic query: “My cat has a mass on its toe and my veterinarian has recommended amputation of the toe. Should the mass be biopsied instead?” Here is my response: Maybe Not a Biopsy Given how small a cat toe is, a biopsy might not be possible. Once … Continue reading Does My Cat Need a Biopsy?

Feline Bladder Disease

July 13, 2016

My feline patient, Rerun van Pelt, did not have a fun 4th of July. Neither did his family. Rerun spent the holiday weekend urinating blood tinged urine outside the cat box. That behavior got him a trip to the animal ER and he spent the rest of the weekend locked in the bathroom to salvage … Continue reading Feline Bladder Disease

Does Menopause Occur in Animals?

July 6, 2016

  Last week, at the Animal Medical Center, our Avian and Exotic Pet Service examined a geriatric female iguana named Killer. One of her problems was osteoporosis, a disease of the bony skeleton common in post-menopausal women. Given that Killer is an older lady, her family asked a reasonable question, “Is my iguana post-menopausal?” A Different … Continue reading Does Menopause Occur in Animals?