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Pet Stories

  • Neffie the German Shepherd

    Neffie, a rescued German Shepherd dog, was misdiagnosed with a cyst in 1992. She was only 2 years old and had a growing lump on her right back. 

  • Kelcey's Story

    My Kelsey had a stone removed last year by Dr. Chick Weisse which stopped her bleeding but at the same time she was confirmed to have liver cancer. We stayed overnight and saw many other animals who all had a chance because they came to your hospital.

  • Bear's Story

    Bear Miller was diagnosed with a grade 3 mast cell tumor 6 years ago with only two months to live by the original doctor. With only radiation and surgery, he is still thriving, even though no other dog even with chemo has lived more than 1 1/2 years even with chemo. Even with big fatty tumors, he is happy and healthy.

  • Beano the Rat Terrier

    Beano is my beloved 12 year old rat terrier. i will never forget that afternoon, many years ago, when i was in a department store with him. as i was going up an escalator he was in my arms, but as we got closer to the top i let him get down thinking he would just hop down the last step and onto the floor. what happened next is a true horror story.

  • Tiger's Story

    After having bladder surgery at another facility, my cat had post-operative abnormal bleeding requiring two blood transfusions. A day after he was discharged as stable, I was horrified to come home and find him bleeding but still conscious.

  • Penny the Poodle

    Penny is a 5 year old poodle, I got her from a pet store where I take my 1st 2 poodles to be groomed, she had been there for 6 months in a cage. I would stop and talk to her. The owner called to ask me to take her because she was in heat and would have to go back to the "breeder" otherwise.

  • A Black Lab named Jett

    Jett did not have a name when I first came in contact with him. I was backing out of my driveway to go to work about 3 years plus ago when I noticed this beautiful black lab walking down the sidewalk and he stopped to  let me back up. I thought he might be someone's beloved pet so I got out of my car to check for a collar.

  • Zoey, a blue crown conure

    My family got Zoey, a blue crown conure, when she was just 4 months old. Now 12 years old, she's an integral member of our "flock" (which consists of 3 humans, and 4 birds). She's by all accounts a lively, opinionated, and feisty parrot, so when I came home one day to find her sitting on the floor of her cage facing the back corner I knew there was something gravely wrong with her.

  • Hemangiopericytoma: Looking for Your Opinion

    After finding a small lump on the back of my gorgeous dog Lola's leg (she is a chihuahua mix), a needle extraction revealed it is likely
    Hemangiopericytoma. This has been such a tough decision process as Lola is in excellent health and her breed typically has a 16 year life expectancy, but she is 13 1/2 now.

  • Jetty, the Black Lab

    Jetty's story begins when he was born on February 18, 2010. My fiancé Ryan and I live in Massachusetts and purchased our puppy on May 2, 2010 from a pet store in Danvers, MA. When we saw the black lab puppy sleeping soundly in his cage, something tugged at my heartstrings. We asked to take the puppy out to play and after spending fifteen minutes with him we were in love.

  • Champ the Golden Retriever

    Champ was a 10 year old Golden Retriever going on 11 come Nov, 2010. I came home to find him having a seizure, holding him in my arms thinking it was going to be his last moments between just us two, but he has a big family that deeply cares and loves for him.

  • Neurology is AWESOME!

    Neurology is AWESOME! Rocco has been seen by Dr. JP McCue several times over the last few months. Sadly he is very sick. Your entire staff has been professional, caring and attentive to both Rocco and I.

  • Our beloved dog, Foxy

    This story starts off very sad but has a very happy ending. On 2/7/2010 our beloved dog Foxy was hit by a car (she's a mini dachshund). She had traumatic brain injury, pulmonary contusions, and she was comatose from sunday night till some time on wed.

  • My 9 year old dog, Lara

    my small 9 year old female dog lara had started not to feel well after a second day of being under the weather and being sick to her stomach. I took her to the local vet. she had a temp so they took an xray of her abdomen. what they saw was she had and infection in her uterus. the vet said she had to get to the animal hospital asap.

  • Charlie, the Golden Retriever

    My wonderful Golden Retriever was only 6 months old when he ate a thermal wrap and developed severe iron poisoning. I rushed him to AMC and was met by kind and carying doctors, nurses and technitians.

  • H. Maximillian F. Hillgen

    My most beloved Maximillian was under the care of two of your skilled specialists twice in his life. Maximillian was diagnosed with diabetes in February 2008, and after having difficulty getting his insulin levels regulated to a point where his glucose was under control it was discovered that he had a small mass in an adrenal gland.

  • Giorgio the Maltese

    Giorgio is now thirteen years old. Two years ago at a regular checkup elsewhere we learned he had a heart murmur, and, a visiting technican did an ultrasound of his heart. We were told he had a serious condition, left valvular heart disease.

  • Bluto, the German Shepherd

    I want to share my story of BLUTO. Our Beloved, Beautiful, Precious, Splendid, Sweet Loving German Shepherd, a Gift From God. It's a sad story but also a Miracle on what the AMC was able to do for him.

  • Jessie, Our Somali Cat

    Jessie, our beautiful Somali cat, lost her 11-year old sister to a fast-growing cancer last Thanksgiving. In January, Jessie vomited some blood and we were off to AMC dreading the possibility that we might lose her too. 

  • Nico's Story

    Nico was born on November 4, 1995 and was very healthy and active up until  the summer of 2004 when she suddenly began having "seizures" where she would collapse without warning and remain unconscious for several seconds.