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Dog Lick Dangers

November 28, 2016 | Source: Fox 5 New York

Rob Ordonez isn’t afraid of a little slobber. He proudly showed off video of him and a pal’s Rottweiler loving each other up. “Her name is Stella and I love her to death,” Ordonez says.  “I let them lick my face definitely.”

Pets, Pets, Pets

November 17, 2016 | Source: The Beacon

Last week’s “Pets” gave an over­view of the “One Health” concept which fosters collaboration when studying overlapping issues in hu­man, animal and environmen­tal health. Doctors, veterinarians and scientists share findings and learn from each other.

Pets, Pets, Pets

November 10, 2016 | Source: The Beacon

Last Thursday, November 3rd was the first “One Health Day” celebrated around the globe with seminars and workshops at 140 scientific and medical institutions. “One Health” has been defined in many ways. In essence, “One Health” fosters a collaborative approach to issues which intersect human, animal and environmental health. Doctors, veterinarians and scientists share findings … Continue reading Pets, Pets, Pets

What Do Dogs Dream About?

November 03, 2016 | Source: CBS New York

Have you ever wondered what your dog is dreaming about? “I think he dreams about squirrels,” Catherine Remmert said of her pet Emmet.

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