Anesthesia Technician LVT

This position will include training in recovery, the operating room , and general surgery. The technician will assist with all aspects of patient care from admission through discharge. The primary responsibility of this position is anesthesia and assisting with appointments. The technician can provide anesthesia support for all AMC services and may be cross-trained in oncology. Duties will include but not be limited to: troubleshooting, operation and care of surgical and anesthetic equipment; maintenance of inventory; assisting in the OR, educational projects of anesthesia focus. To support our oncological surgeon, this position will require cross training in other skills sets relating to medical oncology procedures and patient care.


  • A candidate for this position must have an advanced anesthesia skill set and must be able to perform all of the tasks with a critical and emergent anesthesia procedure.
  • The equivalent of 6 months training is required in the Surgery Department with the AMC.
  • The candidate must be able to lead and act autonomously during a crisis and be adept at crash medicine and resuscitation.
  •  A NYS Veterinary Technician license or permit is required.
  • Candidate must be able to work successfully as part of a team and autonomously with the ability to remain composed in stressful and emergency situations.
  • A strong skill set in phlebotomy, catheter placement, anesthesia protocols, anesthesia monitoring and post-operative care is essential.
  • The individual must be flexible about working additional hours when necessary and have the willingness and determination to remain on the cutting edge of veterinary anesthesia.

Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to or fax to (212) 758-8157.

The Animal Medical Center offers excellent benefits, including sign-on bonuses for LVTs and VTS, medical/dental insurance, tuition assistance, retirement plans, pet care discounts, continuing education benefits, and more!