Bear\'s Story

\"\"Bear Miller was diagnosed with a grade 3 mast cell tumor 6 years ago with only two months to live by the original doctor. With only radiation and surgery, he is still thriving, even though no other dog even with chemo has lived more than 1 1/2 years even with chemo. Even with big fatty tumors, he is happy and healthy.  Although the vets say that at 55 pounds he is too fat even though he eats 1 cup of diet dog food a day and some wet food, at 12 years-old old, if he wants some chicken strips before he goes to bed, he’s going to get it. Thanks again, for giving me 6+ more years with him. You have the hardest job on the planet, so I wanted to remind you of why you do the job you do – giving people like me hope when none seems to exist and then coming through. Thanks again for saving my dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!