Happy 9th Birthday, Polly!

Today is my little Polly’s 9th birthday. Without AMCNY, she would not have this day. I got her when she 10 weeks old and deathly ill with pneumonia. We had been to several vets and many tried the usual treatments, to no avail. Some even suggested I that since she was young and a puppy mill dog, I should just let her go. I knew of AMCNY and some of the advanced and unique treatments available there. So we went to the ER, which was packed. One vet, passing through, saw her and brought us immediately into a room. He performed a few tests and developed a plan in a matter of minutes. Everyone was rushing around putting her into oxygen within minutes. When prior vets said no, AMC said maybe. Other vets said she shouldn’t be alive; the vets at AMC said, “but she is alive, we should fight for her.” I dropped off a nearly deceased dog, after 3 days at AMC, I picked up a spunky, feisty PUPPY! She hasn’t stopped since. She is a tough, sweet, and funny little girl. I can never, ever fully thank the ENTIRE staff at AMC. Her care, from the front desk to the all of the resident and attending vets are all a part of this day. You see, when you heal the helpless pets, you heal the helpless owners too. So, thank you AMC, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do. As a post script: the vet who picked her out of the ER, and spearheaded her initial treatment, had just begun his residency only a few weeks prior. He called her diagnosis, and formulated a plan on the spot, no hesitation. Later on, he said this was his first “big case”.  He also told me that his first and only dog was a beagle. He carried a picture of the dog with him at all times. I got the impression it was why he became a veterinarian Polly, is a beagle too. \"\"