Kugel\'s Story

Kugel found us or we found Kugel only a few years ago- not sure how the story starts. But, since we first got Kugel she was very sick. The fabulous Dr. Kim Alexander helped us determine it was gastric lymphoma. When we brought Kugel in the first day, she could barely stand up and was vomiting daily. Now through regular chemo treatments and the team trying various mixes for Kugel, the incredible team at AMC led by Dr. Camps, including Dr. Wiles, Dr. Tegtmeyer and the entire team have helped Kugel to lead a happy, vibrant life. For almost 2 years now, still taking many daily medications, a special diet (which includes homemade dehydrated chicken jerky from her dad weekly) every weekend Kugel is running through our farmhouse fields chasing her brother, Warrick. We are so thankful for every day the AMC team has given us with our darling pup and helping us keep her happy as we continue the the battle against lymphoma.