Update on Nico

This is a follow up to Nico\'s story posted here in 2010. After 17 years of providing unconditional love and companionship, Nico passed away on July 9, 2012. We had our usual morning routine of cuddling, breakfast, going outside to sit in her favorite chair and then tucking her in with her favorite teddy bear Patches. She closed her eyes and went to sleep for the final time. Peacefully without any pain or suffering. Her long life was a gift to us through the wonderful treatment she received at the Animal Medical Center. In addition to her pacemaker implantation in August 2004, she had an ACL reconstruction and then spent 3 days in ICU in May 2011 after having hypoglycemic seizures. As a result of the high quality care given to her at AMC, she managed to have a good quality of life for an additional 8 years after her pacemaker and another 14 months after surviving serious diabetic complications in 2011. It is very lonely now without her company that brought so much joy for an amazing 17 years. And although the tears are still flowing, there are also tears of happiness from the memories created by the gift of life given by the Animal Medical Center in helping Nico through several health crises over her long life. I know Nico would want to thank all of her doctors and assistants at AMC. Here is a tribute video to her life: http://bit.ly/Miz3Uy \"\"