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Carmichael, Dan, DVM, DAVDC

Staff Doctor

Dr. Carmichael is one of only two board certified veterinary dentists practicing in New York City. He has been a practicing veterinarian for nearly 20 years, receiving his DVM degree from Cornell University in 1990. Dr. Carmichael performs routine dental care and dental surgery for cats and dogs.

Board Certifications

  • Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College, 1997


  • BS - State University of New York, Albany, NY, 1985
  • DVM - Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1990


  • Goodman AE, Carmichael DT. Modified Labial Button Technique for Maintaining Occlusion After Caudal Mandibular Fracture/Temporomandibular Joint Luxation in the Cat. J Vet Dent. 2016 Mar;33(1):47-52.
  • Carmichael DT. Concern with anesthesia-free dental cleanings. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2016 Mar 15;248(6):601.