A bequest is a gift provision in your will or revocable living trust which enables your assets to be distributed to individuals and nonprofit organizations in amounts or proportions that you control. Any assets, including cash, securities, real estate and tangible personal property, may be transferred to The AMC through your estate. A bequest offers many benefits, including:

  • The ability to make a major gift while preserving your assets during your lifetime
  • Retention of full ownership and use of your assets throughout your life
  • Flexibility: a bequest is not permanent and can be changed if your life circumstances change
  • Potential reduction in taxes payable by your estate
  • Ease of arrangement: your attorney can incorporate gift language as a part of the drafting process

Your bequest can be a specific amount, a specific asset, or a specific percentage of the remainder of your estate after all other obligations have been met.

If you are considering a bequest please feel free to use the provided sample bequest language, which may be of assistance to you and your attorney:

“I hereby give The Animal Medical Center, a New York charitable corporation, tax identification number 13-5505367, currently located at 510 East 62nd Street, New York, NY 10065, the following sum of: $_____, OR _____ percent (___%) of the residue of my estate, OR described property: _________________, to use where the need is greatest.”

We want to thank you! If you have already named The AMC as a beneficiary in your estate plan, please let us know. We want to thank you for your thoughtful planning and invite you to join the Ellin Prince Speyer Legacy Society.

For more information about our giving opportunities, please contact the Development Office at (212) 329-8660.