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Advanced Training: Fun for Dog and Family

Advanced Training: Fun for Dog and Family

In my last post I wrote about puppy socialization and basic dog obedience training. While the fundamentals are necessary, some dog owners and dogs may have extraordinary talents that can be fostered through advanced training. The type of advanced training may depend on you and your dogs’ personalities.

A puppy and her owner who have successfully completed the STAR final examination can move up and participate in the Canine Good Citizen Program. A Canine Good Citizen has passed a ten-point test on such behaviors as meeting strangers, walking in a crowd and coming when called. Once your dog has completed obedience training, you may want to move on to advanced training opportunities such as high level obedience training, pet therapy or agility competitions.

If you have a sociable mush of a dog, additional training as a therapy dog might fit his personality. Therapy Dogs International uses the Canine Good Citizen training as a key component of their evaluation of potential therapy dogs. The Delta Society Pet Partners offers courses and registers dogs and other companion animals as pet partners. Once you and your dog are certified as a therapy team, you can work with organizations such as Angels on a Leash, the AMC’s partner in providing pet therapy in New York City.

If you have a smart, energetic dog, agility training might be for you. If you are not sure what agility dogs do check out these great videos of dogs enthusiastically running, jumping and tunneling. All members of the family can be involved in agility training and any breed or mix is welcome to join. The United States Dog Agility Association is a 25,000-member organization for dog agility certification. Another organization for those interested in agility is the North American Dog Agility Council. Both groups sponsor training and competitions.

Advanced obedience training expands on sit, come and stay commands, challenging both the human and the dog. Getting your dog to follow commands when she is off leash, 50 feet away and without verbal cues may be easy in your local park, but in a bustling, noisy competition field for advanced obedience, you and your dog need laser focus to successfully compete.

While researching this blog, I also found information on courtroom dogs, terrier trials and herding competitions.

Seems to me there are as many creative and fun opportunities for dogs as there are types of dogs. Take advantage of them! Your dog will thank you.

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This may also be found in the “Tales from the Pet Clinic” blog on WebMD.com.

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