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Five Items Every Cat Family Should Own

Five Items Every Cat Family Should Own

Since June is Adopt a Cat Month, many families will be adding a feline member. Here are five items every cat cannot live without.

Mani-Pedi Time

The first item cat families shouldn’t live without is a nail clipper to keep their cat’s claws short and their sofa unscathed. You can purchase a cat-specific nail trimmer, but my personal favorite can be found at your local drug store. A human nail clipper is light, small, easy to maneuver around a cat paw, and is inexpensively replaced when dulled or lost. Start early and train your kitten to allow nail trims by using positive reinforcement. Clip only one paw’s worth of nails at a time and give a treat before and after clipping.


Pill-Popping Made Easy

Many medications used to treat illnesses in cats are human medications. Because people are much larger than cats, veterinarians commonly ask cat owners to give fractions of a pill. Most pills are quite hard and also tiny, which makes cutting them with a knife treacherous. While you are at the local drug store, get a pill cutter, also known as a pill splitter, to have handy when your favorite feline needs medications cut to size.


Sofa Saver

Scratching represents a normal feline behavior. Cats scratch to mark their territory, keep their claws honed to razor sharpness and to relieve stress. If your cat lived outdoors, she would likely choose the textured, vertical surface of a tree trunk as her scratching post. At home, you need to provide a sturdy, vertically mounted scratching post, strategically placed in your cat’s favorite room to encourage its use over the arm of your sofa or your wooden door frame.


Creature Comforts

Cat bed

Sleep defines cats. The typical cat will ultimately sleep two-thirds of his life.  With that much shut-eye, your cat deserves a comfy bed. Fleece or sheepskin are popular fabrics with cats who also like a cozy den where they can escape and feel safe. Good hiding places are especially important in multi-cat households.


Effective Transportation

Every cat needs a carrier. Not just from the car ride home from the shelter, but for the car ride to an annual examination at the veterinarian’s office. Not just any carrier will do. Carrier cuteness is optional, but carrier function is essential. The carrier’s most essential function is that it must be escape-proof. I have a patient who comes in a cute plaid carrier with just enough space between the end of the zipper and the latch that I constantly worry about her slipping out the opening. When selecting a carrier for your cat, make sure it locks or zips tightly shut and that your cat fits into the carrier with adequate room to turn around.


And don’t forget, in addition to these five items, a good veterinarian is also essential to maintain the health of your cat.