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Heatwave Advice for Pet Owners

Heatwave Advice for Pet Owners

With the heat and humidity of the summer bearing down on us, we are looking for ways to keep our pets and ourselves cool. In this week’s blog, I have complied the links to prior blog posts on heat related illness and safety. For ideas on keeping your dog cool, check out the tips in “Hot Summer Cool Dogs.” And if you and your pet still plan to exercise outdoors during the summer, check out these 10 tips for making outdoor exercise with your pet safer and more fun.

Heat-Related Illness
Heat and humidity aggravate certain medical conditions, so owners of pets with these conditions should take special care to minimize exposure to heat and humidity. 

  • Dogs with collapsing tracheas frequently have flare-ups in the summer. 
  • Noise phobias also worsen in the summer due to the unpredictability of thunderstorms and fireworks.
  • Trips to the beach help keep everyone cool; however dogs that gulp ocean water run the risk of developing sand impaction in their intestines, so limit your dog’s ocean water drinking.
  • Fleas and ticks are out in full force by late summer, increasing your pet’s risk of developing a vector-borne disease such as Lyme disease.
  • Hi-rise syndrome happens more often in warm weather months because windows are open to let the fresh air inside. Be sure you have tight fitting window screens to protect your pets against this deadly accident. 
  • Finally, heatstroke is the ultimate heat related illness, but is 100% preventable if you take precautions.

Summer Safety
Generally speaking, there are plenty of summertime dangers for your pet. One of the more dangerous summertime hazards is the family pool, but with some careful planning, everyone can have fun and be safe. The garden and yard also have plants, gardening products and bugs that could be harmful to your pet. Be sure to monitor your pet’s outdoor activities. 

Perhaps you are thinking of escaping the summer heat by flying somewhere cool. Think again. Your dog may be on the “no fly list” because his conformation increases his risk of heat related injury during transport to and from the airplane. All dogs may be on the no fly list during a heat wave because of the airlines concerns about the heat’s effect on your dog’s health.