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Moo’s Christmas Wish

Moo’s Christmas Wish

The holiday season is all about family – special dinners, gifts, visits from far away relatives and a sense of belonging. Moo never had a family.  Through the windows of the houses in his neighborhood, he could see families in their cozy homes and longed to be part of a family. The closest he came to a family of his own were the kind people in his neighborhood who set out cat food. But he did not have his own bowl or could not even count on getting more than a bite or two before the bigger, tougher cats moved in to take more than their share. This black and white cat was completely alone, and one day things got even worse – a hit and run accident, left Moo dazed and hurt. A Good Samaritan discovered the badly injured cat and whisked him to the neighborhood veterinarian.  

Poor Moo suffered a fractured pelvis, broken hip and head trauma. Despite these injuries and obvious pain, Moo was sweet and loving to his new caretakers, City Critters, an animal rescue organization. If Moo’s injuries could be repaired, he would be a very adoptable cat. The neighborhood veterinarian recommended an evaluation by a board certified veterinary surgeon and Moo was lucky to get an appointment with Dr. Pam Schwartz at the Animal Medical Center.

City Critters applied for funding for Moo’s surgery through AMC to the Rescue. AMC to the Rescue is a fund established by AMC to provide subsidized specialty treatment to animals currently cared for by rescue groups, whose health has become an obstacle to their adoption.

Moo spent nearly a week recovering at AMC before attending an adoption event at a pet store where he met Tamer. Tamer explains, “I learned about Moo's tragic injury through one of my visits to the adoption event where I was taken aback by Moo's composure, especially after him having gone through so much. I was set on Moo from that day forward. Moo has such a special soul and belongs off the street and in a safe and loving environment. I am privileged to be the guardian of such a beautiful animal who has so much trust and love for everyone. Moving with Moo from New York to California only further proved that he has great temperament. It is now safe to say that we are best friends for life. Moo spends most of his days now chasing his toy mice, lounging, spending time with me, and looking out the window of his new California home!”

Moo’s wish for a family of his own for the holidays has come true, thanks to the generous donors who support AMC to the Rescue. 

The AMC family wishes that, like Moo, you enjoy plenty of good food, have a safe place to call home and spend a joyous holiday with your family.

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