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Holiday Pet Gift Guide 2017

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Holiday Pet Gift Guide 2017

Here it is: the Animal Medical Center’s 2017 pet gift guide. These pet products have caught our attention over the past year for their ability to stimulate the brain by engaging your pets in both physical and mental activity. Pets in more stimulating environments are happier and healthier, two great gifts to give your pet this holiday season.
If you don’t see anything on our list that is on your pet’s holiday list, check past years lists for ideas:

Usually our feline friends suffer from a lack of clever gift options, but not this year. These gifts are so engaging, I can’t wait for my cat to get up Christmas morning and find Santa has left every one of them under the tree.
A Pink Cat-illac
We all know cats love boxes. And this cat car meets your cat’s desire to have a cozy hiding place or a place to plant a sneak attack on your ankles. If pink is not your cat’s thing, try a fire truck.
Figureheads and Felines
No matter what your cat’s political persuasion, there is a Fuzzu toy for her. She will be entertained for hours by a liberals, conservatives, Democrats or Republicans without turning on the one of the 24/7 news channels or her favorite internet news outlet.
Satisfy the Scratching Urge
Scratching is a normal behavior for cats. To protect your furniture encourage appropriate scratching with catnip blasted scratching pads. If your cat likes to scratch vertically, the Lurvig scratching mat makes an easy stocking stuffer and turns any table leg into a scratching post.
Ikea for All
Since we consider pets members of the family, we want them to participate in quality family time. Ikea’s Lurvig pet products collection includes pet furniture that integrates into your living room décor. The Lurvig cat house has legs, can be wall mounted or slipped into your Ikea wall unit. The Ikea dog sofa folds out for doggie sleepovers or for more space to rest after a big hike and is attractive enough to fit in your living room.
Keeping your dog physically active helps to keep him mentally fit. To promote exercise, many pet families include their dog in activities like hiking and boating. Here are some gift ideas for active dogs.
Hydrate the Dog
The Eddy bowl is a portable, reusable, recyclable dog bowl. Lightweight and made of bamboo fibers, this bowl can be folded up and slipped into a pocket for use a bit further down the trail.
Give a Float Coat
Not all dogs can swim and even the best swimmers may find themselves in deep water unexpectedly. Float coats keep your dog afloat until they can be rescued and the bright color simplifies finding an overboard dog.
Travel Safely
Getting your dog to a hiking trail or board launch usually involves a car ride. Make sure your dog travels safely in a crate approved by the Center for Pet Safety.
Gifts for Pet Lovers
Kitten season is just around the corner and if you know a family planning on getting a kitten in the spring, this book would be a welcome addition to their library: 101 Essential Tips — Kitten or New Cat — Health and Safety by The Preventive Vet, Dr. Jason Nicholas. This book will help you create a safe and enriched environment for your cat.
Or if you have dog-loving children on your list, Hero may make then squeal with delight. This book for children 8-12 years of age tells the inspiring story of a handsome black Labrador search and rescue dog who uses his skills to save lives.

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