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The Top Viral Trending Animals of 2020

AMC's Ann Hohenhaus recording her "Ask the Vet" radio show for SIRIUS XM

The Top Viral Trending Animals of 2020

Once a month, I record “Ask the Vet” for SiriusXM Stars, Channel 109. The program always includes an animal trending on social media, in the mainstream news or from another media outlet. For the last blog of 2020, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the most memorable animal internet stars of the past year.

Not One, but Two Rhino Babies

Notoriously reluctant to breed in captivity, 2020 saw not one, but two baby rhinoceroses. Dopsee, a female black rhinoceros at the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan, gave birth to her son, Jaali in late 2019. Seyia, a female black rhino at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, also had a little boy calf, Ajani Joe. Rhinoceroses gestate for 16 months before giving birth. Despite that long gestation, labor often only takes a half hour. Mothers and babies are doing well.

A Running Javelina?

For a short time in 2020, a javelina took over Twitter. A javelina, also known as a collared peccary, is a swine-like creature from South and Central America. This particular javelina was caught on camera sprinting through a town in Arizona. Someone set the film to the theme from the movie “Chariots of Fire”. That video went viral and spawned an entire collection of javelina music videos which can be found on Twitter @javelinarunning.

Giant Panda Mei Xiang gives birth

The birth of a panda cub is always big news, but the birth of Xiao Qi Ji, meaning the little miracle, is nothing short of miraculous. At 24 years old, Mei Xiang would be considered of advanced maternal age for a panda, and she is the oldest giant panda to give birth in the United States. Xiao Qi Ji is her fourth cub and can be seen on the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s giant panda cam.

Hot dam! Orphaned Beaver is a Tik Tok sensation

I am not sure which is better, the NY Post headline or the cute as a button baby beaver named Beave. This buck-toothed sensation has a half a million followers on Tik Tok. The orphan is now ten months old and his adoptive family is working towards releasing him into the wild once he has developed enough survival skills to go it alone.

AMC’s Top Dog Gala

To end the year, the Animal Medical Center had a little viral moment of its own. The annual Top Dog Gala is AMC’s signature event, usually held in-person in December. This year the Gala was a virtual event featuring the voices of Bernadette Peters as Zoe, Candice Bergen as Delilah, Miguel Cervantes as Brutus and Kelly Cervantes as Fiona. Usually only supporters from New York City are lucky enough to attend the Top Dog Gala, but this year anyone can celebrate by watching the video.

How to Listen to “Ask the Vet” on SiriusXM Stars

Every month, you can hear about trending viral animals on “Ask the Vet”. Tune in to SiriusXM Stars channel 109, Saturdays at 9 am and Sundays at 8 am. I would love to answer your pet questions on the show. Leave me a voicemail message on the “Ask the Vet” toll-free hotline at 866-993-8267 and I’ll answer your question the next time I am on the air.

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