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How to Celebrate Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day 2021

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How to Celebrate Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day 2021

Do you ever get that feeling that your cat is trying to ask you a question? I do when she tilts her head a little to the right or maybe when she opens her eyes so wide I can see the whites of her eyes and then detect just the tiniest eyeroll, followed by a tail flick. Well, January 22 is Answer Your Cat’s Question Day – a day to stop and observe the serious questions your cat is posing to you. Meditate upon it, then answer the question! So in honor of Answer Your Cat’s Question Day, here are some tips for answering cat questions.

Questions Your Cat Might Ask

If you are having trouble comprehending murrrh-ow or Me! Ow! Here are some potential questions your cat might be asking. Each question is linked to a prior blog containing the answer.

Meow Talk Translation App

The Google Translate app is a life-saver when you are traveling. In a public market in Peru, my husband managed to negotiate a loaf of bread and some lovely fruit instead of the two loaves of bread the shop keeper initially offered. Now there is a similar app for translating your cat’s meow into English, MeowTalk (Apple App Store | Google Play). To use the app to translate for multiple cats, just create a profile for each cat. The app has preset translations and also an option for you to record a special meow from your cat and link it to a custom translation.

Questions with a Sense of Humor

Being a medical professional, my questions tend to focus on serious issues, but if you are looking for some lighter Q&A, try these from cuteness.com.

Let us know your cat’s question and how you answered it by tagging us on social media — @amcny on Twitter and Instagram and @TheAnimalMedicalCenter on Facebook — and using the hashtag #AnswerYourCatsQuestionsDay.

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