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How to Find the Right Dog for Your Family in 2021

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How to Find the Right Dog for Your Family in 2021

The pandemic has increased pet ownership and has made finding the right pet for your family a bigger challenge than usual. If you are looking for some guidance on how to find the perfect new furry canine member of your family, I offer some suggestions below.

Dog Breed Selector App

The American Kennel Club has a dog breed selector function on its website. Even if you don’t want a purebred dog, this app is useful because it will help you think about what is important to you about your dog and your family. If you ultimately decide you want a purebred dog, the breed pages on this site can connect you with breeders who might have puppies for sale.

I Want a Purebred Dog AND I Want to Adopt

If the AKC breed selector app helped you narrow your search to a particular dog breed, but you want to give a needy dog a good home, consider adopting through breed-specific groups. These groups are typically composed of volunteers who rescue, foster and facilitate adoption of a particular breed of dog. The Animal Medical Center works with groups such a Adopt a Boxer, Long Island Bulldog Rescue and New England Border Collie Rescue though our AMC to the Rescue Program. Your local animal shelter probably works with breed-specific rescue groups and may be a good resource to connect you with the right breed group if your internet search fails to find a group for your breed.

I Just Want a Dog

If you just want a dog, take the information about your family and the dog you desire from the AKC breed selector app and start at your local animal shelter. Since the beginning of the pandemic, shelter populations are down due to increased demand – and that’s a good thing. But if a trip to the shelter doesn’t match you with the dog of your dreams, you will need to expand your search.

Check Neighborhood Resources

While most veterinarians are not in the adoption business, they are in the pet business. Your neighborhood veterinarian may know of someone with a nice dog that needs a new home. That’s how my sister got her new cat. The veterinarian down the street knew of a cat whose owner had recently passed away and Molly got a nice new home! The veterinarian will also know whose dog just had a litter of puppies. If there is a bulletin board in the waiting room of the veterinary clinic, you might find a card with a phone number of a dog or puppy looking for a good home. Also be sure to check out your virtual neighborhood. Go to Facebook and find a neighborhood parent’s group, dog walking group or community bulletin board where you can post about the dog you want or maybe find the dog that fits perfectly with your family.

Don’t Forget

Once you have your new family member, don’t forget to have a blast with your new fur baby!

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