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Looking for a Holiday Gift for your Cat or Dog?

A French bulldog with holiday gifts

Looking for a Holiday Gift for your Cat or Dog?

The holiday season is a great time to shower your pet with love, affection and of course, gifts! This year, I was lucky enough to talk to Andrew Darmohraj, the Executive Vice President and COO of the American Pet Products Association, on my monthly radio show and podcast, Ask the Vet. This is a man who organizes the annual Global Pet Expo in Orlando where thousands of new pet products debut each year, so when he talks about the best pet gifts for Fluffy and Fido, you should listen. He had an interesting take on gifting, separating pet gifts into two categories: gifts for the pet and gifts for people who have pets. I’ll highlight some of his suggestions here.

Decorate the [Cat] Tree

Every holiday season, the internet is full of photos and videos of cats enjoying the family’s new climbing toy, also known as the Christmas tree. This year, Friskies created a Party Mix Ornament containing cat treats to hang on your Christmas tree. To avoid having your Christmas tree featured in a YouTube video on cats destroying Christmas trees, I suggest you use the ornament to decorate the cat tree, saving yourself the hassle of redecorating a toppled tree.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Equivalent for Dogs

AMC’s Oncology Service has chosen the ugly Christmas sweater as their theme for this year’s holiday party. If your dog has an appointment at AMC the day of our party, your dog will feel right at home wearing, the Buffalo Check Trapper Hat by Huxley & Kent. The hat features antlers atop the red and black checked hat, accented with a matching scarf. The ensemble would complement a family photo where everyone is wearing matching pjs! To see other examples of AMC’s holiday spirit, see our holiday blog post from last year.

Grooming Products for Pets and Their People

We often give or receive beauty products as holiday gifts. Why should our pets be any different? Scratch Square Grooming Toys are both interactive and functional, keeping your pets’ nails perfectly trimmed. This is a great gift for you AND your pet. The Scratch Square has a slot for a treat and an abrasive pad that your pet scratches to get the treat. The abrasive pad files the nails, and the treat keeps him interested. There is also a feline version with catnip.

If the perfect pet gift for your favorite fur person isn’t here, review the entire list of 26 holiday pet gifts by members of APPA for more ideas.

To hear to the complete interview with Mr. Damohraj, listen to our December podcast.

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