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Amputation Helps Pets Find a Fur-ever Home


Amputation Helps Pets Find a Fur-ever Home

This year, Triday falls on a Friday. Triday is Tripawd Awareness Day which occurs every year on March third (3/3). This day honors pet amputees and the people who care for them. Triday is especially important this year as we celebrate 10 years of AMC to the Rescue. One procedure AMC to the Rescue frequently funds is amputation. This blog post honors AMC to the Rescue amputees. AMC to the Rescue is our community fund providing specialist level care for pets in the care of rescues whose health is an obstacle to their adoption. Over the past 10 years, AMC to the Rescue has corrected medical conditions in over 600 animals, partnered with over 140 rescue groups, and provided over $1.6 million in donated care.  

Amputation is the Only Option

Ezekiel was rescued by Whiskers-a GoGo who realized the handsome grey cat was limping on one of his hind legs. Turns out he had been living with an unhealed fracture of his left hind leg. AMC to the Rescue funded an amputation which made him pain free and completely mobile as you can see in this video. Amputation is not just for dogs and cats. Bunny Bear from All About Rabbits Rescue had an injured ankle with a bad infection. Antibiotics did not correct the problem and her leg was removed to prevent the infection from spreading throughout her body.

Ezekiel video link

Amputation Corrects an Injury

Etienne of Little Wanderers and Misty of Linda’s Feral Cat Assistance had similar and shocking reasons for an amputation; they were found with a portion of their leg missing. Etienne sustained a traumatic amputation in a bedspring while the reason behind Misty’s missing leg is unknown. Both kittens underwent amputation to remove devitalized bone and properly close the surgical wound. Etienne is living her best life with a sibling cat and sibling dog. Watch a video of this puffball showing who’s boss.

Etienne video link

AMC to the Rescue Saves Legs Too!

Not all leg injuries result in an amputation. AMC’s talented board-certified surgeons and surgical residents perform many life and limb saving surgeries funded by AMC to the Rescue. Fish, a kitten rescued from the street is currently undergoing frequent bandage changes while the skin over his ankle regrows. Then his injured ankle will be repaired with pins and wires rather than an amputation. Zest, a border collie hit by a car and left with multiple hind end fractures was returned to normal with a total hip replacement. Dalilah, a lovely cat cared for by Meow Squad has all four legs because AMC to the Rescue funded a procedure to create a false joint and save her hind leg following a fracture in the neck of her thigh bone.

If you and your pet are facing an amputation decision, learn more about amputation in pets, check out the Tripawds website

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