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Blindness in Pets

A blind dog

Smiley, a blind Golden Retriever therapy dog and former puppy mill rescue, recently became an internet sensation. Born without eyes, Smiley bonded with a deaf Great Dane after he was rescued from the puppy mill. According to reports, the relationship drew Smiley out of his shell and turned him into a confident therapy dog, sharing


Research at The AMC Demonstrates There are Fewer Tears in ICU

Medicine is a discipline full of questions. Clients want to know how their pet got a disease and medical professionals want to know how best to fix the disease. Many of these questions can best be answered using real patients with spontaneously occurring medical conditions. This type of research, called clinical research, is the type


Seeing Christmas for the First Time

Kittens are born with their eyes closed and about 10-14 days after birth the lids open. The eyelids of Frankie, the handsome orange tiger cat pictured here, opened on schedule, but something was wrong. His upper eyelids had not formed correctly. Are eyelids important? You probably don’t think much about your eyelids, but they are


Does My Dog Have Dry Eye?

close up for dogs eye and them receiving a tear test

This photograph of a dog’s eye shows: An emergency room snapshot of a ruler stuck in a dog’s eye. A very sad dog crying blue tears. A veterinarian testing for tear production. If you guessed number 3, you are correct. This photograph shows a dog being tested for tear production. The paper strip, called a


Sjogren’s Syndrome: Do Pets Get this Disease?

dogs eye up close

The end of the summer is heaven for New York fans of Grand Slam tennis when the US Open comes to the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, just a few miles from The Animal Medical Center where I work. Many fans were saddened this year by the withdrawal of Venus Williams, a two-time former US