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Get Your Dog a Heartworm Test This Spring

A dog stares at a mosquito

Here in the Northeastern United States, warmer weather means mosquitoes. The buzz around mosquitoes occurs because mosquitoes transmit heartworms. Dogs become infected with heartworms when an infected mosquito bites a dog. Heartworm larvae migrate through the skin homing in on the blood vessels of the lungs. Here the heartworms mature and reproduce, clogging pulmonary vessels


How Global Warming Affects Your Pet

This year, 2016, is on track to be one of the warmest on record. While not everyone ascribes to the global warming theory, those that do will be concerned about the impact of climate change on their pets’ well-being. Expansion of Disease Vectors Some diseases, like canine influenza, are transmitted from one dog to another.


Arthritis: Not Just a Single Disease and Not Just a Single Joint

I examined the most handsome four year old Labrador with a blocky, square head the other day. Being a very athletic dog, he normally jumps up on the sofa in the waiting area. The other day, he needed help to jump up and couldn’t seem to get comfortable once he was on the sofa. Based


Feeding Your Cat for Optimal Health

June is the ASPCA’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and I am hoping many families will be welcoming a new furry feline into their home this month. To help new cat owners learn about the needs of cats, this month’s blogs are dedicated to feline topics – this week to nutrition. Use a Reliable Source


4 Tips to Get Your Pet Ready for Spring

Spring arrived just this past weekend.  With vernal equinox comes a desire to shape up and be healthier for the coming summer months. Why not include your pet in your springtime health improvement plan?  Here are four tips to help you meet that goal. Exercise your pet’s body Take advantage of the increased number of