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Emerging from 16 Months of Social Distancing

Veterinarians examine a dog

I saw my first “real” clients in 16 months last week as AMC slowly starts to reopen to pet families (see our “About Your Visit” page for the latest protocols and policies). After the difficulties of the past months, the experience seemed somewhat surreal and I will share my experience and feeling as a veterinarian


Celebrating the 2021 Intern Class at AMC: A Year of Adapting to Adapting

Dr. Laura Chadsey with her dog at AMC Cancer Institute

The pandemic has sidelined many traditions and rites of passage, such as weddings, graduations and birthday parties. However, one tradition that has continued at the Animal Medical Center, despite the pandemic, is the arrival of the new class of interns in June. In 2020, our interns arrived a bit later than usual because of the


Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week: AMC’s Veterinary Technician Internship Program

A veterinarian and a veterinary technician administer a radiation treatment to a bunny

Next week, October 13-19, 2019, is Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week. This annual celebration honors the efforts of the veterinarian’s right hand, the veterinary technician, sometime called a veterinary nurse. These professionals keep veterinary practices running and play a vital role in all aspects of animal health. The Animal Medical Center has about 90 licensed veterinary


A Physician’s Impact on Veterinary Healthcare

problem oriented medical record

The New York Times obituary column chronicles the lives of fascinating people. Last Thursday’s column included Lawrence Weed, MD. You might be asking yourself why a veterinary blog would choose the obituary of a physician as a topic, but this distinguished physician has had an ongoing impact on the veterinary care your pet receives. His