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Three Living Legends Celebrated at Annual AMC Luncheon

Every spring the Animal Medical Center celebrates three living legends, animal patients whose lives were saved by the veterinarians and staff of the AMC. On Tuesday May 17th, the eighth annual Living Legends Luncheon honored Elsa, Wynton and Ven. A Living Legend Because of a Massive Transfusion The first honoree was, Elsa, a petite German shepherd


Toe Tumors in a Dog: A Cancer Survivor's Story

This photo shows something unique. Look carefully and you will see a dog with three toes on each foot. No, he wasn’t born this way, Pogo is a cancer survivor. The missing toes were amputated because of a cancer diagnosis in a toe on each of his front feet. How common are toe tumors? Research


Earth Day 2016: Making Your Pet Eco-Friendly

While caring for a litter of foster kittens, I realized I was spending an inordinate amount of time running to the trash room with kitten related garbage, even after I had recycled the kitten food cans and the plastic medication containers. So to celebrate Earth Day 2016, I have created a list of eco-friendly suggestions


Why You Should be Thankful for Your Pets This Thanksgiving

I was thinking about what I was going to be especially thankful for this turkey day, and of course pets popped into my mind. Here are my thoughts about why I am thankful for pets. Pets Keep You Healthy The title of a recent Harvard Medical School Special Health Report, “Get Healthy, Get a Dog,” says it


Using Your Smartphone to Keep Your Pet Healthy

a cat looking down at a smartphone with apps on screen, cat has paw near the phone as if it were using it

Your smartphone has become an essential item for you, but I think a smartphone is essential for your pets. Not that they will be making calls, but many of the phone functions can be used for pet health related purposes. Emergency Information Of course you have the veterinarian’s office number in your contacts list, but do