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Pet Stress Busters

In my last blog, I wrote about some of the situations that cause stress in pets. Today I will share my suggestions for relieving their stress. Natural remedies In addition to having adequate litter boxes and feeding special diets to control stress-related diarrhea mentioned in my last blog, the concerned pet owner can respond with

Prescription: A Cat and a Cardboard Box

June is Adopt a Cat Month. Since I am hoping many cats will be getting new homes this month, I am going to devote my Wednesday blogs in the month of June to cat issues to help new cat owners raise healthy happy cats. “She’s not eating,” wailed one of my cat owning clients the

The AMC Holiday Gift List

A cat plays with a toy
At The AMC we know how much animals enrich our daily lives. This holiday season, we have prepared a list of wonderful gifts for all the pets and pet lovers in your life. Gifts for Pets Microchip: When it comes to giving your pet a holiday gift, good things really do come in small packages.