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Does a titer test mean my pet doesn’t need vaccines?

Dog receiving a vaccination

I just finished reading Splendid Solution about Dr. Jonas Salk’s quest to develop a polio vaccine in the years following World War II. The vaccine’s development was considered a medical miracle, protecting children worldwide against polio, a crippling disease that left millions of healthy children dependent on braces and iron lungs. Today, the public is


World AIDS Day 2012: Getting to Zero for Cats Too!

The World Health Organization marks December 1st as World AIDS Day. For 2012, the chosen theme is “Getting to Zero.” World AIDS Day remembers those who have died from this terrible disease and educates those at risk of contracting it. This year’s theme focuses attention on the hope that someday there will be no human


Feline Leukemia Virus

A calico cat

This is the fourth in a series of blogs about fabulous felines written for “Adopt-A-Cat Month.” Thankfully, veterinarians don’t have to talk as much as they used to about feline leukemia virus (FeLV). Prior to the introduction of universal testing and vaccination against the virus, we cared for cats infected with FeLV on a daily