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Managing Fireworks Phobia in Your Dog

Comic of two dogs talking. Comic Reads "My plans for the forth aren't finalized yet but I'm either cowering under the bed or digging a hole through the tub...and you?"

When we think about the Fourth of July we think about barbeques, parades and fireworks. Animal shelters think about how many extra lost dogs they will take in when frightened dogs run away to escape loud and unpredictable fireworks. Here are some tips to minimize your dog’s distress during the holiday weekend: 1. Exercise early and long.


Summer Noise Phobias

Lovely weather, summer holidays and a relaxed atmosphere make summer everyone’s favorite season – everyone except for dogs with noise phobias. Fireworks and thunderstorms create unexpected loud noises, frightening to many dogs and cats as well. The veterinarians at The Animal Medical Center see dogs and cats injured and lost over the Fourth of July


Fireworks and Your Dog

The fourth of July is rapidly approaching and with it comes fireworks. Fireworks are a major cause of noise phobia in dogs. Why? Dog hearing is better than human hearing. Your dog probably hears more and louder noises than you do. Your dog’s nose is better too, and maybe the smell of the fireworks is