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Everyday Medicine: Heart disease grading scale for dogs

An infographic outlining the four stages of canine heart disease

“Everyday Medicine” is an intermittent series of blog posts highlighting tests, treatments and procedures common in daily Animal Medical Center practice. Some past examples of this type of blog post include fecal examination and vomiting or regurgitation. Today’s post focuses on the scale used by AMC cardiologists to define the severity of heart failure. The veterinary


Pet News You Should Know: Pimobendan, Screwworms, and the Supreme Court

EPIC Study Results Help Dogs with Heart Disease A recent online publication in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine reports the results of a global study offering hope to dogs with chronic heart valve disease. The EPIC (Evaluation of Pimobendan In Cardiomegaly) study found in dogs with a heart murmur due to mitral valve disease,


Pumps and Valves: February is American Heart Month

In February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day with flowers and candy hearts. February also focuses on another type of heart – the one beating inside your chest! This is American Heart Month, raising awareness of heart disease. Both dogs and cats get heart disease, but the common type in each species is different. Cats’ hearts have


Heart Healthy Tests for Pets

An x-ray of an animal's heart

In addition to being National Pet Dental Health Month, February is American Heart Month. Veterinary patients suffer from heart disease, although coronary artery disease, which is common in people, doesn’t occur in dogs and cats. Even so, cardiologists at The Animal Medical Center use a variety of diagnostic tests to determine if their patients have