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Diabetes: Pets and People

A cat curled up in a cat bed

November is American Diabetes Month. To highlight how veterinarians care for pets with diabetes, I thought I would tell the story of one of my patients, a fluffy, grey and white cat named Stone. Stone is a youngster, just under two years of age. He came to see me because his owner had noticed weight loss


Everyday Medicine: The Highs and Lows of Blood Sugar

A cute yorkie

Everyday Medicine is an intermittent series of blog posts highlighting tests, treatments and procedures commonly used at AMC. Some past examples of this type of blog post include “Vital Signs” or “Pulse Oximetry.” Today’s blog post will discuss blood glucose, colloquially referred to as blood sugar. A Delicate Sugar Balance The body’s main source of energy


Understanding Feline Diabetes

cat getting an insulin shot

According to the American Diabetes Association, November is American Diabetes Month. Due to obesity, diabetes is on the rise in people and, unfortunately, the same is true for our feline companions. The theme for American Diabetes Month 2012 is “A Day in the Life of Diabetes” and I will detail some of the daily routine


Diabetes: A Serious Disease for You and Your Pet

A dog drinks water

November is American Diabetes Month. According to the American Diabetes Association, a person is diagnosed with diabetes every 17 seconds, and annually the disease kills more Americans than breast cancer and AIDS combined. Diabetes also affects dogs and cats, but there are differences in the manifestations of the disease between the species. My patient Charity