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Is Your Pet’s Water Bowl Half Empty? Disorders of Water Drinking

cat drinking water

A common reason pet families bring their pets to the veterinarians at the Animal Medical Center is an increase in water consumption, or polydipsia in doctor speak. If the pet family doesn’t mention water consumption, the veterinarian will usually ask about any changes in water drinking habits. In today’s post, I outline some of the


Dogs, cats and blood pressure

When you visit the doctor, before our physician comes into an examination room, a nurse measures our weight, temperature and blood pressure. When your pet goes to the veterinarian, the nurse comes in to take his weight and temperature, but not blood pressure. Does this mean blood pressure is not important in dogs and cats?


Failing Feline Kidneys: No Need to Think the Worst

A black and white cat

This is the second in a series of blogs about our fabulous felines written for Adopt-A-Cat Month. An annual visit to your cat’s veterinarian will result in blood tests being submitted to a veterinary laboratory to test for a variety of diseases such as hyperthyroidism and chronic kidney disease. To the typical cat owner, a


Kidneys on Our Minds

A veterinarian examining a dog

The news has been full of stories about kidneys recently. The Oregon Zoo’s male black rhinoceros, Pete, sadly succumbed to kidney disease and the Seattle Times reported the Woodland Park Zoo’s male Sumatran tiger, Rakata, was euthanized, like Pete, for kidney failure. The FDA continues to warn dog owners about the dangers of imported chicken


Low Cost Lifesavers

Pet owners frequently ask their pet’s veterinarian, “What can I do to keep my pet healthy as long as possible?” I probably give the same answers as my colleagues across the country: Take your pet to the veterinarian regularly Keep your pet in ideal body condition Feed a complete and balanced diet Brush your pet’s