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Top 5 Health Issues Facing American Pets Today

1. Pets are becoming medically underserved Data shows the pet population in the U.S. is climbing, but visits to veterinarians are declining. On an annual basis in 2007, dogs saw a veterinarian 2.6 times per year and cats only 1.7 times, indicating cats are affected more than dogs. This number has continued to decline in


Rat Poison and Pets: Diagnosis and Treatment

a hemorrhage in the retina from rodenticide poisoning

In my last post I wrote about rodenticides and the dangers they pose if ingested by our animal companions. This post will describe the clinical signs and treatment of dogs with rodenticide intoxication, including both anticoagulant and vitamin D poisons. The photograph shows a hemorrhage in the retina from rodenticide poisoning. Anticoagulant rodenticides Ingestion of


Summer Pet Hazards

As the weather warms up, everyone, including the family pet, wants to spend more time outdoors. Fresh air, sunshine and more opportunity to exercise are just a few of the benefits of the summer season. But summer also brings with it an opportunity for injury. To keep your pet safe this summer season, here are