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A Compounding Pet Pharmacy Can Be a Lifesaver

A cat with medications

Tracey required eye drops in a special bottle. Sapphire refused pills she desperately needed. Bailey turned from a fluffy, gray kitty into a man-eating lion every time he needed a thyroid pill. The medication list for Rufus was so long, I was worried about a dosing mistake. Fortunately for the veterinarians and our patients at


Medication Madness

Several months ago, I blogged tips for getting your sick pet to eat and take his medications. This week, I thought I would give tips for the pet owner to help safely and correctly administer medications. Prescribing medications starts at the scale. At The Animal Medical Center (AMC), we weigh pets in kilograms, a great


Medication Toxicity

Late last week, the United States Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to women who use the drug Evamist®, made by Ther-Rx Corporation to treat the symptoms of menopause. Exposure to this medication can have negative affects on both children and pets. Evamist is sprayed on a woman’s arms to reduce hot flashes. Two