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Can Bath Time be Dangerous for Pets?

A cat wearing a sweater

Nothing is better than a soak in the tub after a long, hard day: warm water, nice smelling soaps and shampoos and that squeaky clean feeling as you dry off. Your pet probably likes being clean and fresh too, but if you are not careful, bath time could result in an animal ER visit. Brush


Cleaning Up America’s Dirtiest Dog

Last week I got a telephone call from someone asking a novel question: “Is my own dry shampoo safe for my pet?” My initial reaction was that it sounded ok, but I knew I had to investigate the list of ingredients in dry shampoos. I found there are a wide variety of dry shampoos –


Spring Allergies in Dogs

A dog scratching itself

Spring finally has come to New York City. I know because of the springtime changes I see. No, I don’t mean the daffodils, tulips, flowering trees or the verdant carpet of grass in Central Park , nor the return of the robins, Yankees or Mets. It is the phone calls from the owners of Willie,