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Managing Tracheal Collapse in your Dog

A dog in an oxygen tank
A Facebook friend of The Animal Medical Center posted a question asking how they might prevent tracheal collapse in their dog. Unfortunately, tracheal collapse may not be preventable, but dog owners can help lessen the impact of a collapsing trachea on their dog’s quality of life. Since tracheal collapse is an important problem in dogs

Bronchoscopy: In the Words of a Dog Owner

The interior of a dog's trachea as seen through a bronchoscope
I was happy to receive an email from an old friend of mine, but was concerned when the subject line said, “Summer’s cough.” My friend no longer lives in New York City and was updating me on a medical procedure her dog, Summer, had earlier that day. The procedure, a bronchoscopy, was performed by board

The War Horse Kitten

Many New Yorkers believe the best play currently on Broadway is War Horse, adapted from the children’s story of the same name. The War Horse is named Joey and inspired the name of the patient whose miraculous story I tell below. At 10 weeks of age and weighing only one scrawny pound, Joey was admitted