Department: Clinical Services

Clinical Pharmacist Specialist

Clinical Pharmacist Specialist

Job Summary

The Director of the AMC Pharmacy Service oversees the dispensary and is responsible and accountable for the provision of safe, effective, and prompt medication therapy across AMC’s 20+ services and specialties.

The position supports both centralized and decentralized medication-use systems and ensures the provision of optimal medication therapy to patients with a broad range of disease states. The director collaborates with DVMs, LVTs, and other hospital personnel to ensure quality and safe medication practices and ensures pharmaceutical care programs are appropriately integrated throughout the institution. The director advises on all necessary aspects of medication-use systems while ensuring comprehensive and individualized pharmaceutical care to the patients, advises on drug therapy, patient education programs, including clinical interventions to detect, mitigate, and prevent medication adverse events.

The director acts as a liaison to other departments, hospital personnel, or external groups. They are a resource for practice-related education/training, serve as preceptor for our interns and residents, and assist with clinical research efforts. The director also participates in the quality programs and regulatory compliance initiatives designed to improve medication-use processes and pharmacy practice. They lead and participate in the quality management program with the goal of improving operational effectiveness by monitoring processes, analyzing data, implementing interventions, and evaluating the effectiveness of those interventions. Responsibilities may include establishing long-term and short-term goals for the Quality Management Program; monitoring and documenting Quality Improvement Projects; and providing guidance and education to staff on Quality Management priorities and projects.

The director is a key advisor to the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Clinical Officer, Chief Veterinary Technician, and Chief Executive Officer.

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Lead assigned patient service lines, clinical areas, and therapeutic programs
    • Facilitate pharmaceutical care services, direct patient care programs, and manage medication utilization systems within assigned services and care areas to assure drug utilization activities are aligned with patient care needs, evidence-based best practices, and regulatory standards
    • Design and implement stewardship activities and restriction/surveillance programs
    • Track and evaluate assigned pharmacy programs for operational, quality, and financial efficiency and routinely benchmark against local and national best practices
    • Actively identify practice related issues that require evaluation and facilitate clinical research projects, quality improvement initiatives, and healthcare provider education as needed to advance the practice
    • Develop and oversees policies and procedures for drug purchasing, drug usage, drug distribution, and drug control
    • Ensure pharmacy is an integral part of the healthcare delivery system and facilitate enhancement and expansion of pharmacy services/programs
  • Advise on direct patient care and clinical practice, including decentralized and service-based programs
    • Maintain proficiency in decentralized pharmacy services and clinical pharmacy programs
    • Work as an active member of a multidisciplinary team and collaborate with healthcare providers within decentralized patient care areas to provide patient-centered care
    • Identify high-risk patients and implement interventions to improve quality and safety
    • Make appropriate evidence-based, patient-centered medication recommendations
    • Participate in the management of medical emergencies
    • Provide discharge medication review, reconciliation, and counseling as appropriate
  • Provide pharmaceutical services throughout the hospital
    • Maintain proficiency in hospital computer systems and medication ordering systems
    • Provide accurate, safe, timely, and appropriate medication therapy based on patient age and needs
    • Complete critical patient monitoring and review patient profile/chart to identify, prevent, or mitigate drug-related problems, improper drug or dose selection, sub therapeutic dosage, over dosage, adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, failure to receive drugs, untreated indications, medication use without an indication, and treatment failures
    • Communicate effectively and appropriately with healthcare providers and caregivers (physicians, LVTs, etc.) and assures continuity of pharmaceutical care between shifts and among staff
    • Actively participate in stewardship activities and restricted medication programs
  • Participate in pharmacy operations and medication dispensing
    • Maintain proficiency in and actively engage in operational programs, central dispensing pharmacies, satellite dispensing pharmacies, and specialty pharmacy areas as appropriate for job assignment
    • Facilitate specialty medication procurement, ordering, and dispensing procedures including but not limited to chemotherapy, parenteral nutrition, controlled substances, as appropriate for assignment
    • Oversee pharmacy operations and technician practice/activities
  • Facilitate experiential education and practice advancement
    • Maintain proficiency in preceptor roles and actively emulate education/mentorship skills
    • Develop student, resident, and staff training experiences/competencies and create new relationships for teaching and training opportunities
    • Identify, design, and implement improvements in the medication-use system to advance patient safety, maximize therapeutic outcomes, and control costs



  • Graduate of an ACPE accredited College of Pharmacy
  • Doctor of Pharmacy or other advanced degree highly preferred


  • Completion of ASHP accredited program in Veterinary Pharmacy
  • PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency
  • Completion of PGY-2 Specialty Pharmacy Residency is preferred
  • Knowledge of contemporary hospital/clinical practice and service
  • Significant knowledge and expertise in advanced pharmacy practice, specialty medication therapy management, and specialty evidence-based medicine in area appropriate for clinical assignments


  • Competitive salary
  • Generous sign-on bonus
  • Four-day work week
  • Comprehensive benefits including health insurance with medical, dental, and vision benefits, very generous paid time off, paid continuing education time-off and stipend, and 403-b retirement plan with employer contribution.
  • Possibility of housing in an AMC apartment building or assistance to find housing.
  • School loan debt forgiveness opportunity as a non-profit hospital
  • Non-corporate practice with no pressure for percentage pay
  • Collegial work with colleagues in a non-competitive structure with strong teaching and mentoring opportunities as well as opportunities for research

Working at AMC

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Salary Range

$130,000 – $150,000 per year


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