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The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg
AMC to the Rescue Fund

Celebrating 10 Years of AMC to the Rescue!

The Stephen & Christine Schwarzman Animal Medical Center is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of its charitable fund, The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg AMC to the Rescue Fund, which provides subsidized specialty care to rescue animals whose health is an obstacle to their adoption. Over the last decade this fund has helped over 600 animals, partnered with over 146 rescues, and provided over $1.6 million in donated care to help pets find their forever home.

One of several AMC community funds, AMC to the Rescue was created out of a concern for rescue groups who often have limited funds for veterinary treatment beyond general care. We are proud to be partners in their efforts to find these pets forever homes. However, the number of animals we can treat is limited by the amount of funding we have available. Help us save more animals with a contribution of any size today.

AMC to the Rescue Hall of Fame

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