Frank V. D. Lloyd Fund for Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are extraordinary animals that enable more and more visually-impaired individuals to become independent members of society by enhancing their independence and self-confidence, and increasing their mobility. Because of this critical partnership and because so many resources go into training even just one guide dog, it is these animals especially that require expert veterinary care so that owner and dog can share in the longest, most productive relationship possible.

The reality is, unfortunately, that many people who are visually-impaired may be unable to provide this essential care due to limited resources.

As an organization dedicated to promoting the human-animal bond, The AMC recognizes how important guide dogs are to our visually-impaired clients. The Frank V.D. Lloyd Fund for Guide Dogs was established at The AMC in 1960 to provide free veterinary care to guide dogs. By protecting and preserving a working dog’s health, we aim to enhance our visually-impaired clients’ quality of life by extending this important bond to the fullest.

Of course, as a non-profit institution, it would be impossible for The AMC to provide this service, or any of our other Community Funds, without the devoted support of our friends. Furthermore, of our charitable programs, the Frank V.D. Lloyd Fund for Guide Dogs is the one most critically in need of funding as costs for complimentary care consistently outpace contributions. It is only with your generosity that The AMC has been able to help hundreds of guide dogs annually for nearly 50 years!

To help us salute these remarkable animals that do so much for so many, please consider making a gift to the Fund for Guide Dogs.