Community Funds

While unrestricted funds are indispensable as they offer AMC the flexibility to respond quickly to unforeseen needs and new opportunities, many of our loyal donors enjoy participating in specific AMC programs such as:

401K-9 Fund

Over a century ago, the Animal Medical Center was founded on the principle of providing companion animals with humane, quality care, and treatment. Abiding by this mission and commitment to serve the community, the AMC has established the 401K-9 Fund to be offered to all retired NYPD and FDNY canines and retired military service dogs. Our veterinarians will work with you to assure a good quality of life for your retired dog.

AMC to the Rescue

The AMC to the Rescue fund was established specifically to provide subsidized specialty care to animals currently cared for by rescue groups, whose health has become an obstacle to their adoption. The Animal Medical Center understands the plight of those who operate rescue groups and the often limited funds available for treatment of animals beyond general care. Therefore, through AMC to the Rescue, we have provided a means for some of these needy animals to receive care.

The Buddy Fund

The Buddy Fund was established in 2006 to provide free or subsidized care for the treatment of cancer in animals, thereby keeping pets healthy and with their families throughout these difficult events. For many, the cost of cancer care can be prohibitively expensive, so this fund works to alleviate the financial burden by helping owners provide their pets with the finest veterinary care in the face of a serious illness. This fund always has a great need for funding so please consider making a contribution today.

Frank V. D. Lloyd Fund for Guide Dogs: Caring for the animals that care for us

The Guide Dog Fund provides wellness and preventive veterinary care for the working guide dogs of visually impaired clients, regardless of financial need. Without proper medical attention, even a minor injury or illness can end the career of a service animal.

Honey Bunny and Rou German Shepherd Fund

Established in 2013, the Honey Bunny and Rou German Shepherd Fund provides needed specialty veterinary care to rabbits and German Shepherd dogs of clients with limited financial means.

Honey Bunny and Rou

Kiki White Umbrella Cockatoo Avian Fund

Established in 2014, this fund helps subsidize the costs of specialty veterinary care for all birds owned by families with limited financial means.Kiki White Umbrella Cockatoo

The Monty and Minny Fund

The Monty and Minny Fund, named after two standard poodles treated at AMC, was created to help provide rehabilitation services for pets whose owners can’t afford such care. In cases of surgery, arthritis, obesity, or even neurological issues, non-invasive therapies such as underwater treadmills, electro-hydrotherapy, ultrasound, and a specially designed fitness program can be crucial to recovery. The cost of these treatments can be prohibitive, and the Monty and Minny Fund can provide much needed financial support for recovering animals and their families who qualify.

Patient Assistance Fund: Helping out those in need

The Patient Assistance Fund helps AMC care for the pets of people who cannot afford the full cost of treatment by providing free or subsidized emergency veterinary services.

Seniors’ Animal Veterinary Effort (SAVE): Supporting our seniors

The Seniors’ Animal Veterinary Effort provides free or subsidized general and emergency veterinary services for the pets of senior citizens whose current financial status would qualify them to receive funding to assist with their pets’ veterinary care. For information about this fund, please email us (please be certain to include your name and telephone number in your email message)!

Please note: AMC Community Funds are for treatment rendered at AMC

Additional Funds

Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education

The Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education at Animal Medical Center is the leading provider of pet health information and aims to inform and empower pet owners and to educate the public. With our staff of over 100 doctors and the knowledge gained from more than 100 years of experience, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the best and most up-to-date information for all your pet health needs.

The Institute for Postgraduate Education Fund: Training the veterinary leaders of tomorrow

The Institute for Postgraduate Education Fund provides critical support for the advanced training of outstanding veterinarians at the start of their careers by funding The AMC’s Internship and Residency programs.

The Margaret M. Caspary Research Institute Fund: Pioneering effective therapies

The Research Institute Fund supports a wide range of clinical investigations undertaken by The AMC’s research scientists who seek to define new diseases as well as develop diagnostic tests and advance therapies for naturally occurrirng diseases in animals.

Tribute or Memorial Gifts: Remembering a loved one

Celebrate, honor and remember the people and animals who touch our lives by giving an AMC Tribute or Memorial Gift.

AMC Endowment Fund: Building for the future

To participate in a significant way to a program or initiative of special interest to you, consider contributing to The AMC Endowment Fund. With a minimum commitment of $100,000, you may establish a named endowment fund.

To discuss any of these giving opportunities, please contact the Development Office at (212) 329-8660.

If you are in need of financial assistance through one of these funds, please visit our Financial Assistance page for more information.