Donor Honor Wall

Chairman’s Circle

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Acquavella
Ms. Terry L. Andreas and Mr. John A. Hewig
Mrs. John M. Angelo
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Berkeley
Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg
Mrs. Edwin M. Burke
Ms. Connie Cheng and Mr. Roy Berggren
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Coulson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Crawford
Ms. Barbara Dauphin
Mr. and Mrs. Michel David-Weill
Mrs. Oscar de la Renta
Mr. and Mrs. Millard S. Drexler
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F. Druckenmiller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Keith Elbaum
Mr. and Mrs. J. Pepe Fanjul
J. Pepe Fanjul
Mrs. Tina Santi Flaherty
Dr. and Mrs. Hal L. Folander
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Ford
Ms. Elizabeth A. Freed
Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey French
Ms. Laura A. Garner and Mr. Roger Hardon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Goelet
Ms. Alexandra G. Goelet
Robert G. Goelet
Ms. Mary G. Herms and Mr. Ryan J. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horvitz
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Karmazin
Ms. Pamela J. Keld
Ms. Marina Kellen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Kellen
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Kissinger
Ms. Linda D. Kofmehl
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Koplin
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce S. Kovner
Mrs. H. Frederick Krimendahl II
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Langone
Andrew Lauren
David Lauren
Dylan Lauren
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lauren
Dr. Betsy D. Lawrence and Mr. Bryan H. Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Liberman
Mr. and Mrs. Paulo Lima
Mrs. James Marcus
Ms. Edith McBean
Mr. and Mrs. Neil M. McCarthy
Mrs. Marianne C. Mebane
Mr. and Mrs. Clement C. Moore, II
Ms. Jane Morison Iwanowski
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Munson
Mrs. Susan Paine
Leslie B. Perkin
Mrs. Barbara Picower
Mrs. Katharine J. Rayner
Mr. Jason W. Redlus
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Roberts
Mrs. Rodman C. Rockefeller
Vicki Rosen Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Rosten
Ms. Joss Ruggles and Mr. David A. Sackler
Mr. and Mrs. David T Schiff
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Stoga
Ms. Kimberly Strauss
Ms. Margaretta J. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Tisch
Mr. and Mrs. John Usdan
Mr. and Mrs. John Welch
Mrs. Janet York
The Elmer & Mamdouha Bobst Foundation

President’s Council

Mr. and Mrs. Jason T. Adelman
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Adelson
Mrs. Catherine Adler
Ms. Josephine R. Alger
Ms. Susan K. Allen
Gabrielle Armand
Mr. Steven L. Aronson
Mr. Scott Asen
Dr. Nikki F. Atkins and Mr. Erwin L. Atkins
Ms. Sandra Atlas Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Barkus
Dr. Mahnaz Ispahani Bartos and Mr. Adam Bartos
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Baumann
Mr. Douglas Benson and Mr. Paul Dassenko
Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Berlind
Mr. and Mrs. Paul P. Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. D. Dixon Boardman
Mr. Steven Boxer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Braddock
Mr. John Bradham
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brodsky
Ms. Anne S. Buford
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Carter
Ms. Gale Rundquist Chen and Mr. Kendall G. Chen
Mr. and Mrs. James Clark
Dr. Elisabeth J. Cohen and Dr. Robert I. Grossman
Ms. Cali J. Cole
Mrs. Stephanie A. Coleman
Dr. Tina L. Waltke and Ms. Mary Jane Constant
Mrs. Lisa S. Crawford
Mrs. Patricia Johnson Crawford
Daniel M. Crown
Ms. Dorothy R. Davies and Mr. Jeremy R. Kramer
Dr. and Mrs. William D. DeHoff
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dresdale
Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Ehrenkranz
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Eichenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Einhorn
Ms. Alixandra G. Englund
Mr. George L. Farias
Ms. Maxine Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Patrick Garden
Mr. and Ms. Bradley Geist
Ms. Danielle Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Glynn
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome R Goldstein
Ms. Bonnie Gorman
Mrs. Alan C. Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hauser
Mr. Michael Heaner and Mr. David Michaud
Ms. Nicola Heryet
Ms. Marjorie E. Hirschhorn
Ms. Heidi Holterbosch
Alan S. Honig
Mr. Marc Jacobs
Allison M. Kanders
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Kaufman
Dr. Anita Krishnan and Mr. Anil C. Stevens
Mrs. Dominique F. Laffont
Sophie Laffont
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin V. Lambert
Carolyn and Steven Landsman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lash
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Leeds
Ms. Karen Lerner
Ms. Judith Lidsky
Mr. and Mrs. John Lindsey
Mr. and Mrs. Marc S. Lipschultz
Ms. Susan Lytle and Mr. Martin Lipton
Ms. Melinda L. Lloyd
Mr. Arthur L. Loeb
Ms. Caroline M. Lowndes
Mr. Dennis P. Mangone
Mr. Rob Marshall and Mr. John Deluca
Ms. Carol McMahon-O’Neill
Ms. Helen B. Meaher
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Meckler
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Mullen
Mr. Dane Neller
Ms. Lee F. Nunnally
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Nussbaum
Mr. and Mrs. John M. B. O’Connor
Ms. Marina Killery Orentreich and Dr. David S. Orentreich
Ms. Francine Parnes
Mr. Ronald O. Perelman
Ms. Suzanne Pfister
Ms. Kaitlin Trinh and Mr. Myles C. Pollin
Rock Positano
Mr. and Mrs. Hayward R. Pressman
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Pyne
Ms. Harley Farber-Raiff and Mr. Robert M. Raiff
Ms. Nancy L. Wender and Mr. Steven J. Rand
Ms. Joanne E. Ronson
Adam R. Rose and Peter R. McQuillan
Ms. Elizabeth Gore Ross
Ms. Joan Chapman Roth
Mr. Scott Rudin and Mr. John Barlow
Dr. Margaret R. Ruttenberg and Mr. John C. Ruttenberg
Mr. Jeffrey A. Schoenfeld and Mr. Matt Holbein
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Schorsch
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Schwarzman
Mr. and Mrs. John Sculley
Ms. and Mr. Nicole K. Seligman
Ms. Clara Weyergraf-Serra and Mr. Richard Serra
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Siegel
Ms. Barbara J. Slifka
Mr. Marc S. Solomon
Mr. Jerry I. Speyer and Ms. Katherine Farley
Mrs. Erin Stanton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Steel
Ms. Beth Ostrosky Stern and Mr. Howard Stern
Ms. Karen Taylor
Ms. Sara Tecchia
Ms. Rea R. Tully
Ms. Brigitte Vosse
Ms. Linda J. Wachner
Ms. Margaret G. Walker
Mr. Philip M. Waterman, III
Mrs. John L. Weinberg
Jacqueline Weld
Ms. Bettina M. Whyte
Ms. Lindsay K. Wilczynski
Mr. Steven C. Witkoff
Ms. Deborah Miller Zabel and Mr. William D. Zabel
Muriel F. Siebert Foundation

Golden Paw Society Leaders

Paul Arnhold
Regan Backer
Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Barbato
Mr. Frederick Bear
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Berkley
Ms. Arlene Covney and Mr. Michael Berner
Mr. and Mrs. Mohamed R. Chalabi
Samantha Cheirif
Robert F. Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Ashton Curtis
Deborah De Cotis
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph William Donner, Jr.
Ms. J. Whitney Pizale and Mr. Ryan Dzierniejko
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mark Freiman
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gourary
Mr. Alex Hamer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Katz
Mr. Hans W. Kertess
Gary D. Knipling
Gail Koster
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Le Frak
Mr. Adam F. Lippes
Mr. and Mrs. Locke Maddock
Dr. Judith A. Marchese
Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Marino
John Metzner
Mr. Russell K. Miller
Ms. Eileen S. Nemeroff
Ms. Jackie Barth and Mr. Jay Nydick
Mr. and Mrs. Noah Osnos
Mr. David P. Pearson
Ms. Lauren N. Pellegrino
Ms. Katherine R. Riley
Eve Robbins
Ms. Dorothy Rosensweig
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Sandow
Ms. Dianne LaBasse and Mr. Alan D. Seget
Mrs. Susan L. Shevell
Mr. and Mrs. Martin T. Sosnoff
Honorable and Mrs. Sidney Stein
Drs. Pamela and Steven Stuchin
Mrs. Diane Sunshine
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Vavra
Lucy R. Waletzky, MD
John L. Warden
Mrs. Kim A. White and Mr. Kurt J. Wolfgruber
Mr. Andrew D. Zacks
Ms. Tara Kelleher and Mr. Roy Zuckerberg

Golden Paw Society Sponsors

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Augustine
Ms. Kathleen Lamb and Mr. Eduard H. Beit
Dian D. Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Callander
Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Celli
Robert Couturier
Barbara L. Ebs
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Elghanayan
Mr. Robert B. Fagenson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Faulkner
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Finn
Mr. Robert Fluet
Mr. Keith Fox and Mr. Tom F. Keyes
Mr. John I. Frederick
Mr. and Mrs. Bertram F. French
Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Ganek
Mr. and Mrs. Trevor B. Gibbons
Mr. Charles L. Glazer
Mr. Alan S. Gleit
Ms. Mary Salinger Glucksman
Ms. Julie Gould
Agnes Gund
Mr. Guy E. Harley
Jennifer Hayhurst
Ms. Alyssa Kamlet
Ms. Janet S. Yaseen and Mr. Bruce J. Kaplan
Ms. Debra November and Dr. Eric A. Karp
Quincy B. Koffel
Ms. Diane G. Kranz
Ms. Nancy Meyrich and Mr. Richard P. Krasnow
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Lamm
Ms. Joan A. Leake
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Lehrer, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Les Lieberman
Mr. and Mrs. R. Linclau
Ms. Marianne Rossi and Mr. Robert Lohse
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Robert Lovejoy
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCarthy
Cary A. Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Olmsted
Mrs. Dorothy A. Paulsen
Ms. Emilia H. Fanjul-Pfeifler and Mr. Brian C. Pfeifler
Ms. Candice Bergen and Mr. Marshall Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Les Rosenberg
Ms. Cheryl Rothman
Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Rudin
Mrs. Marjorie F. Samuels
Ms. Suzanne Schecter
Ms. Diane Crane and Mr. Michael Schoeman
Drs. Cynthia and Thomas Sculco
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Shafiroff
Ms. Patti Shields
Ms. Maria P. Ruffilli and Ms. Susan M. Silbermann
Mr. Stephen Sondheim
Mr. Lewis E. Topper
Mr. and Mrs. E. Massie Valentine
Ms. Marsha Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Weiner
Honorable Kimba M. Wood and Mr. Frank E. Richardson
Mr. Xiangyu Xu
Ms. Mollie Zweig