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Dangerous Delivery: Signs Your Birthing Dog Needs a Veterinarian

January 27, 2016

One way small animal veterinary medicine differs from human medicine is in the field of obstetrics. Human hospitals have entire floors devoted to labor, delivery and the newborn nursery. Most litters of puppies and kittens make their entrance into this world at home. Last week at The Animal Medical Center, a mother dog having a difficult delivery arrived … Continue reading Dangerous Delivery: Signs Your Birthing Dog Needs a Veterinarian

City Safety for Urban Dogs

November 4, 2015

Every morning at about 5 am, veterinarians from the Animal Medical Center’s Emergency Service send out a list of all pets admitted to the hospital overnight. Not too long ago, one admission caught my attention: a small dog admitted because his paw got caught in an escalator. Ultimately he recovered, but not before three toes on that … Continue reading City Safety for Urban Dogs

Hernias in Pets

September 2, 2015

The Animal Medical Center’s emergency room staff often talks about medical versus surgical emergencies. A medical emergency is one treated with medications, where a surgical emergency needs an urgent surgery to resolve the crisis. Glen, a 12 year old male terrier arrived at AMC as a surgical emergency on a Friday night. Glen had a hernia on the … Continue reading Hernias in Pets

A Night in the ER

August 12, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I listed “Five Reasons to Go to the Animal ER NOW!” Readers seemed to take my advice and from Sunday night until Monday morning, 12 of the 25 patients seen in AMC’s 24/7 ER were admitted to the hospital. Here are the highlights of Monday morning’s admissions list: Admission One: … Continue reading A Night in the ER

George, the Notorious Toy-Eating Cat

June 24, 2015

During the day, The Animal Medical Center buzzes with activity. Patients coming and going. Pets being anesthetized and recovered after surgical procedures. Consultations happening in our 20 examination rooms. Things do quiet down at night, but if a sick pet needs us, were are here 24/7 for urgent interventions. Last night was one of those nights. Nine patients were admitted overnight; … Continue reading George, the Notorious Toy-Eating Cat

How to Recognize an Emergency

October 22, 2009

The Animal Medical Center (212-838-8100) maintains a state-of-the-art facility to provide compassionate and expert care for pets that need emergency and critical assistance. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We never close. What is an emergency? At The Animal Medical Center, we consider it an emergency when a pet: … Continue reading How to Recognize an Emergency