dog flu

Canine Influenza Q&A 2018

May 30, 2018

Recently the Gothamist, an online New York City-centric news site, reported on a canine influenza outbreak centered in the borough of Brooklyn; although veterinarians expect the outbreak to expand to other boroughs. Compared to diseases like rabies and distemper, canine influenza is a relatively new disease, first described in 2005. Because many dogs have never … Continue reading Canine Influenza Q&A 2018

cat drinking water

Is Your Pet’s Water Bowl Half Empty? Disorders of Water Drinking

May 2, 2018

A common reason pet families bring their pets to the veterinarians at the Animal Medical Center is an increase in water consumption, or polydipsia in doctor speak. If the pet family doesn’t mention water consumption, the veterinarian will usually ask about any changes in water drinking habits. In today’s post, I outline some of the … Continue reading Is Your Pet’s Water Bowl Half Empty? Disorders of Water Drinking

itchy dog

Doc, My Dog Has a Rash

April 18, 2018

Last month, Nationwide Pet Insurance announced the top pet insurance claims for the 650,000 pets they insure. The top four are skin issues. Number one and four are both skin diseases. Allergic dermatitis and pyoderma (skin infection) result in a skin rash which is the topic of this blog post. Atopic or Allergic Dermatitis Allergies are … Continue reading Doc, My Dog Has a Rash

Ann hohenhaus and carly fox

Q&A on SiriusXM Radio

April 11, 2018

Last week was somewhat of a personal record for me. I appeared on three different radio programs on SiriusXM in a single week. On Tuesday with my good friend Dr. Frank Adams on “Doctor Radio” (channel 110) powered by NYU Langone Medical Center, on Thursday night with “Just Jenny” on SiriusXM Stars (channel 109) and … Continue reading Q&A on SiriusXM Radio