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Tuesday, May 4th 12:00—1:00pm

2021 Living Legends Celebration

AMC's 13th Annual Living Legends Celebration

2021 Living Legends Celebration


On May 4th, the Animal Medical Center hosted its 13th annual Living Legends celebration, honoring the unbreakable bond between people and their pets. Each year we celebrate companion animals who survived seemingly insurmountable health challenges thanks to their owners’ love and the exceptional care and innovative treatment provided by AMC’s specialty veterinarians. Although we could not gather in person this year, we are grateful for the technology that allows us to gather virtually. Most importantly, we are grateful for your generous support, which enables AMC to continue the work that makes these very stories possible.

2021 Living Legends Honorees

A cat lying on a bed

Mina | Presented by Dr. Daniel Spector

Mina is a five-year-old cat who was referred to AMC with difficulty breathing. Her case exemplifies the type of groundbreaking work that often takes place at AMC. Mina was diagnosed with fibrosing pleuritis from chronic chylothorax, or in layman’s terms, fluid in her chest, which was causing scar tissue to surround her lungs and preventing them from expanding. As medical therapy had been unsuccessful, the only remaining option was a surgical procedure that carried a grave prognosis. Despite these slim odds, and with no other alternative, Mina’s family opted to move forward with the surgery. Not only was the surgery a success, but it was the first ever of its kind. The landmark case has been accepted for publication in a veterinary journal and will likely serve as a guide for saving the lives of other cats. Meet Dr. Daniel Spector.

A dog wearing glasses

Newton | Presented by Dr. Madison McKay with Dr. Leilani Alvarez

Newton is a 14-year-old soft coated Wheaten Terrier whose complicated case is an excellent illustration of the collaborative work of interdisciplinary specialists at AMC. In March 2020, Newton lost the ability to walk on her hindlegs and came into AMC through the ER. Upon ultrasound, the Radiology service discovered a large clot that was almost completely blocking her aorta. AMC’s Interventional Radiology team placed a stent, which allowed blood to flow normally again, giving Newton a new chance at life. In conjunction with a carefully calibrated pharmaceutical pain management protocol, Newton was then able to tolerate intense rehab sessions at AMC, allowing her to regain her ability to walk. Not long after, during one of Newton’s routine rehab sessions, her doctors discovered that her heart rate was very low. She was immediately taken to the Cardiology service where it was confirmed that Newton was in high second-degree atrioventricular block, a life-threatening condition that could only be corrected with a pacemaker. She did remarkably well under anesthesia and a pacemaker was successfully placed. As if that wasn’t enough, during another routine rehab visit, the doctors discovered an enlarged lymph node, which our Oncology team confirmed to be large cell lymphoma. Newton was successfully treated with chemotherapy and is now in remission. Despite these myriad complications—as well as a prior history of inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease, and hypothyroidism—Newton continues to do well under the care of AMC’s Internal Medicine team. Meet Dr. Madison McKay.

A dog in a veterinary hospital

Rosa | Presented by Dr. Nicole Leibman
Recipient of the Jackie Santi Flaherty Award for Courage

The Jackie Santi Flaherty Award for Courage, established by AMC Trustee Tina Santi Flaherty in memory of her beloved dog Jackie, is given annually to a pet who has shown remarkable courage throughout treatment at AMC.

Rosa, a 10-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever, has been receiving routine veterinary care at AMC since she was two through our Frank V.D. Lloyd Fund for Guide Dogs. This fund provides free veterinary care to the guide dogs of visually impaired clients. When Rosa was eight, she was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma and received chemotherapy treatments at AMC for well over a year. Rosa’s owner is now devoting her time to her beloved dog’s ongoing care in order to give back to the working companion who has given her so much. Meet Dr. Nicole Leibman.

Benefit Co-Chairs 

Donna Acquavella, Tina Santi Flaherty, Laura Garner, Nancy Kissinger, Sharon Amsterdam Koplin, Emilia S. Krimendahl, Elaine Langone, Robert Liberman, Ellen Marcus, Marianne Mebane, Elizabeth Moore, Katharine Rayner, Lisa Schiff, Ann Tisch, and Janet York

Benefit Committee

Mr. and Mrs. William Acquavella, Dr. Nikki Feirt Atkins and Erwin Atkins, Joseph and Christine Augustine, Susan Baker and Michael Lynch, Gini and Randy Barbato, Mrs. Roger Berlind, Jill Blanchard, The Richard and Elizabeth Boggio Foundation, The Boxer Family Foundation, Polly Bruckmann, Virginia S. Burke, Mrs. Kendall G. Chen, Patricia Johnson Crawford, Mr. Frederick Eberstadt, Robert Fagenson and Linda Berley, Mr. and Mrs. J. Pepe Fanjul, Tina Santi Flaherty, Carole Bailey French, Brooke Garden, Ms. Laura Garner and Mr. Roger Hardon, Arne and Milly Glimcher, Mrs. Robert G. Goelet, Dorothy L. Goldstein, Antonia and George Grumbach, Heidi Holterbosch, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson, Pamela Keld, Tara E. Kelleher and Roy J. Zuckerberg, Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation, Nancy M. Kissinger, Mrs. Paul J. Kofmehl, Sharon and Cary A. Koplin, Emilia S. Krimendahl, Mr. and Mrs. William D. Sandow, Dr. Anita Krishnan and Mr. Anil Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Langone, The Ronald and Jo Carole Lauder Foundation, Wendy Lehman Lash, Lazarus Charitable Trust, Robert Liberman, Melinda L. Lloyd, Arthur L. Loeb, Ellen Marcus, Ryan J. Marshall and Mary G. Herms, Joanne Masyr, Elizabeth Monaco and Neil M. McCarthy, Marianne Mebane, David E. Monn, Liz Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Mullen, Linda and Russell Munson, Ms. Cristina F. Hereen Noble, Kane Nussbaum, Harini Patel Ph.D., David P. Pearson, Suzanne Pfister, Mrs. Katharine Rayner, Derald H. Ruttenberg Foundation, Mrs. David Schiff, Cynthia Sculco, John and Diane Sculley Foundation, Jeanne Sorensen Siegel, Mr. and Mrs. Howard K. Stern, Sue Ann Weinberg, Mary Jane Weiskopf, Janet York, Newton Zauder