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Wednesday, January 12th 6:00—7:00pm

IVDD: What You Need to Know About This Common Spinal Disease

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IVDD: What You Need to Know About This Common Spinal Disease

Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) is a painful disorder of the spine that can lead to weakness, partial loss of limb function, and even paralysis. IVDD is most often seen in dogs with a long back and short legs, but it can occur in any breed of dog — and even in cats.

IVDD can be a frightening diagnosis for owners, so understanding the disease and how it’s treated is the best way to help your pet.

On January 12th, 2022, Dr. Daniel Cimino, Resident Veterinarian in AMC’s Neurology Service, discussed the most common causes of IVDD, how it is diagnosed, and the treatments that are used to manage the disease. Learn about lifestyle changes that can help your pet recover from, or even slow the progression of, this debilitating disease.

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About the Speaker

Dr. Daniel Cimino of the Animal Medical Center in New York CityDaniel Cimino, DVM
Resident Veterinarian in Neurology

Dr. Daniel Cimino grew up in New Paltz, NY the youngest of five children. He played football and obtained his undergraduate degree at Ithaca College in 2013 after which he spent a year working in two of his hometown veterinary hospitals gaining additional experience in small and large animal practice. He then went on to obtain his degree in veterinary medicine from Cornell University in 2018, after which he completed a one year general internship at the Animal Medical Center in 2019. He then elected to further his education by pursuing a residency in neurology and neurosurgery. Dr. Cimino loves all aspects of veterinary neurology but is especially interested in neurosurgery and new, up-and-coming minimally invasive techniques to help in the treatment of neurosurgical diseases in companion animals.

In his spare time Dr. Cimino enjoys spending time with his ever expanding family (human and animal), cooking, exploring the New York City culinary scene, and staying as active as possible.

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