2021 Virtual Externship

Once again, AMC will be offering virtual externships to prospective interns. Prospective interns will have the opportunity to join AMC staff doctors for pre-recorded programming including rounds, educational lectures, informational panels, and more.

Interns rotate through many of our over 20 specialties and services, providing them with hands-on experience working with a diverse and varied caseload. This is combined with a high level of specialty support by board certified veterinary specialists, creating a dynamic learning environment for individuals interested in private practice, residency training, or clinical research. The largest postgraduate veterinary teaching institution in the world, over 3,000 residents and interns have trained at the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Institute for Postgraduate Education.

For additional information on AMC’s internship program, please visit the website of the Veterinary Internship & Residency Matching Program.

 Please check this page often as new programming and resources will be added as they become available.

Intern Lectures

In addition to hands-on clinical experience, AMC interns attend daily lectures from AMC’s board-certified specialists.

Grand Rounds

Grand rounds is a once to twice monthly seminar series featuring our interns and residents as they provide in depth discussions featuring the unique diagnostics or treatments used in clinical cases.

Other Lectures

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the rotation schedule work? Will I go through my area of interest prior to the match application deadline?

The internship consists of 13 rotations of 4 weeks each. All interns rotate through Internal Medicine, Surgery, Emergency, Radiology, and Anesthesia. In addition, there are services that approximately half of the internship class will rotate through and the other half will not. They include Cardiology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Interventional Radiology, Rehabilitation and Integrative Medicine, and Oncology. These rotations will be based on a preference questionnaire, and while we will do our best to accommodate all interns’ preferences, we cannot guarantee rotation through these services. However, if an intern indicates they plan to pursue a residency after internship, we will place you in a rotation with that service before the match application deadline.

In addition, there is a 4-week elective rotation to be spent with any service within the hospital. However, it is often recommended that interns take a week vacation during the elective rotation.

Will I have a mentor?

Yes, every intern will be assigned a mentor. Mentors are specialists in an intern’s field of interest or a well-rounded clinician with experience in the internship process at AMC.

What kind of research opportunities are available during an AMC internship?

There is no research requirement during your AMC internship. Most interns find the internship is demanding enough and do not pursue a research project. However, if you would like to pursue a research project during your internship, our clinicians can provide guideance.

Will I get time off?

AMC interns received 16 days of paid time off. This is to be used for vacation, sick time, time off for residency interviews, etc.  

Is housing guaranteed for my internship?

Housing is not guaranteed, although we try to accommodate as many interns as possible with subsidized housing in AMC-owned apartments ten blocks from the hospital.

We encourage interns living outside of AMC housing to remain within a 20-minute radius of the hospital to accommodate an on-call schedule.

Will I ever be on an overnight shift alone?

No, never. You will ALWAYS have a more experienced clinician on the overnight shift with you, which includes staff doctors and residents.  

Email michelle.friedman@amcny.org with any questions.

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