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Dennis Trafny,

DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)
Role: Staff Doctor Department: Cardiology
Dr. Dennis Trafny of the Animal Medical Center in New York City

Board Certifications:

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Cardiology), 2013


DVM – Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 2007
Internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery – The Animal Medical Center, New York, NY, 2008
Internship in Cardiology – The Animal Medical Center, New York, NY, 2009
Research Fellowship in Cardiology – Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, 2010
Residency in Cardiology – Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, 2013

Recent Publications:

Langhorn R, Oyama MA, King LG, Machen MC, Trafny DJ, Thawley V, Willesen JL, Tarnow I, Kjelgaard-Hansen M. Prognostic significance of myocardial injury in critically ill dogs with systemic inflammation. Submitted for review in J Vet Int Med.

Freeman LM, Rush JE, Oyama MA, Macdonald KA, Cunningham SM, Bulmer B, Macgregor JM, Laste NJ, Malakoff RL, Hall DJ, Trafny DJ. Development andevaluation of a questionnaire for assessing health-related quality of life in cats with cardiac disease. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2012 May 15;240(10):1188-93.

Peddle GD, Singletary GE, Reynolds CA, Trafny DJ, Machen MC, Oyama MA. Effect of torsemide and furosemide on clinical, laboratory, radiographic and quality of life variables in dogs with heart failure secondary to mitral valve disease. J Vet Cardiol. 2012 Mar;14(1):253-9.

Trafny DJ, Freeman LM, Bulmer BJ, MacGregor JM, Rush JE, Meurs KM, Oyama MA. Auscultatory, echocardiographic, biochemical, nutritional, and environmental characteristics of mitral valve disease in Norfolk terriers. J Vet Cardiol. 2012Mar;14(1):261-7.

Bish LT, Sleeper MM, Forbes SC, Wang B, Reynolds C, Singletary GI, Trafny DJ, Morine KJ, Sanmiguel J, Cecchini S, Virag T, Vulin A, Beley C, Bogan J, Wilson JM, Vandenborne K, Kornegay JN, Walter GA, Kotrin RM, Garcia L, Sweeney HL. Long-Term Systemic Myostatin Inhibition via Liver-Targeted Gene Transfer in Golden Retriever Muscular Dystrophy. Hum Gene Ther 2011 Dec;22(12): 1499-509.

Bish LT, Sleeper MM, Forbes SC, Morine KJ, Reynolds C, Singletary GE, Trafny DJ, Pham J, Bogan J, Kornegay JN, Vandenborne K, Walter GA, Sweeney HL. Longterm Restoration of Cardiac Dystrophin Expression in Golden Retriever Muscular Dystrophy Following rAAV6-mediated Exon Skipping. Mol Ther. 2012 Mar;20(3):580-9.

Trafny DJ, Oyama MA, Wormser C, Reynolds CA, Singletary GE, Peddle GD. Cardiac troponin-I concentrations in dogs with bradyarrhythmias before and after artificial pacing. J Vet Cardiol. 2010 Dec;12(3):183-90.

Sanders RA, Green HW 3rd, Hogan DF, Trafny DJ, Batra AS. Efficacy of transesophageal and transgastric cardiac pacing in the dog. J Vet Cardiol. 2010 Apr;12(1):49-52.