Rocco Firth

An Italian Greyhound sitting on a couch
Owner: Geoffrey Rocco, a beautiful model, a fun iggy friend, and a devoted companion. She brought people together and was a source of joy for all. She was one of


A bulldog poses under dramatic lighting
Owner: PETER TERSTEEG Chester passed away very suddenly, his heart just gave out. Even through years of major health issues, he has touched many people with his kindness and unconditional

Fleetwood Brougham Augustine Merton

An Italian Greyhound wears a raincoat on a walk
Owner: Richard and Edward Fleetwood, the most handsome, brave hunter, and sweet boy. Devoted companion, who was also a master squirrel hunter and a thief of all hearts! He gave

Misha Laudati

An Italian Greyhound poses for the camera
Owner: Despina and Michael Misha was a beautiful super model, elegant, brave protector, and our baby girl. There was no other like her. She was cared for wonderfully by her


A black dog with its tongue out in a field
Owner: Teresa & Ryan Sparky and I shared everything together. We had the greatest times together, from snuggling in bed to watching him stalk squirrels. He was a sensitive, sweet