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A dog standing in the snow
A dog standing in the snow


11/03/2004 - 04/05/2018

Owner: Janelle Lynch and David Penberg

Dollie was born on November 3, 2004 in Huixquilucan, a hillside village in the State of Mexico. Dollie joined Janelle, David, and Gracie, a Golden Retriever relative five months older, in Mexico City in January 2005. Her first swim was in La Marquesa. That summer, Dollie moved with her family to their West Village home in New York City. There, Dollie enjoyed long walks by the Hudson River and chasing tennis balls in the Leroy Street Dog Run. In January 2006, she and Gracie were given a renovated barn in the Catskill Mountains with acres of land and a stream. She spent weekends and holidays there with her family until August 2007 when she moved with them to Barcelona. There, Dollie took daily swims in the Mediterranean, hikes in the Collserola Mountains, or walks in Parque Santa Amelia. She returned to New York via the Atlantic on the Queen Mary II. Dollie spent the last several years living between the West Village—where she could be found on her back on the sidewalk encircled by passersby eager to rub her belly—and the Catskills, where she had “crazy spells” on the barn’s lawn and took “dips” in the Delaware River and Crystal Lake.

A cave dweller and resource guarder, Dollie, a.k.a. Bear, Dolita, and Boo, was known for her penchant for mischief, most notably food theft; multi-round wrestling matches with Gracie; and her unabashed love for attention. She had a “big personality,” was funny, sweet, incorrigible, irresistible, and indulged by all, including her West 10th Street neighbors and West Village shopkeepers.

On March 18, 2018, a routine ultrasound revealed nodules in Dollie’s liver. Following a CT Scan on March 26th, she was diagnosed with metastatic carcinoma. She spent her last six days in the Catskills, happy and full of love, batting around stuffed Kongs, walking and swimming at Crystal Lake, napping in front of the wood burning stove, receiving her nightly lavender oil massages, and barking at the stars.