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A dog lying in the grass
A dog lying in the grass


a - 01/04/2019

Owner: Janelle Lynch and David Penberg

Gracie transitioned to the heavens in her sleep on January 4, 2019 after a day at The Woodstock Day School, where she has been a service dog under David’s leadership as Head of School since last July. She fulfilled her life’s purpose there, following an afternoon kindergarten reading circle. David was by her side.

In December, Gracie was diagnosed with a heart tumor, which was untreatable and inoperable. She was well enough to continue her work at WDS and her play at home. The night before her transition she solved a “cookie puzzle” in record time. It is with sadness, yes, but also in celebration of and gratitude for her joyous, love- and light-filled life that I share this news.