Honor Your Pet

A bulldog sits on a blanket in the woods
A bulldog sits on a blanket in the woods

Lefty (Hanuman-ji)

07/17/2005 - 12/21/2017

Owner: Barry Fleming and Dana Cambareri

Lefty, Leftybean, Chuck-a-Boo Bodhisattva, Butterbean, Bubbies Lou-Lou, Boo, etc.

You chose to leave us on the Auspicious Winter Solstice – The Return of the Light – The Rebirth of The King. We can never express in words how much You meant (and mean) to us and You touched so many with Your Great LOVE and Devotion. We have never known such a Magnificent, Beautiful Soul, such an Impeccable, Valiant Warrior, such a Great, Devoted Servant. You were – and continue to be – our Greatest LOVE – our Greatest Teacher. We were So Blessed and Honored to have You in our lives, our Greatest Friend. We will see You at The Bridge – and we will cross-over together into Paradise. Together, Forever and Ever.

“When Supreme Being R-A-M (G-O-D) was asked, “My Great Lord R-A-M, are there Any whom are Greater than You?” and R-A-M replied, “Surely my Great Servant Hanuman-ji, so Great is His Devotion”

Jai R-A-M-A,

Jai S-I-T-A,


Forever and Ever, Jai-Hanuman-ji

Our Eternal Gratitude to the “Dream Team” at The AMC who saved our beautiful boy’s life on January 21, 2017 and gave us, blessed us, with precious, precious more time (11 months) with Him:

Dr. Abbie Lebowitz

Dr. Daniel Spector

Dr. Meghan Kirsch

Dr. Chadwick West

Dr. Elizabeth Newsom-Stewart

Dr. Ben Olson

Dr. Beryl Swanson

Dr. JP McCue

and countless others that cared for and supported our Courageous Boy like He was their own…

You are all Heroes of the Highest Order.

“He Whosoever Honors Me, I Too Shall Honor”