Honor Your Pet

A small dog on the floor with a toy
A small dog on the floor with a toy

Luchi Golding

unkonwn - unknown

Owner: Lorraine G.

March 13, 2013 my dog Luchi was hurt really bad, he was let out of the house while I was at work and was hit in his head by something; it left him fighting for his life. I took Luchi to AMC, they rushed to the emergency room and worked on him quickly, the doctors assured me he would be ok. Luchi had a team of doctors caring for him for a week, and everyday the doctors kept in contact with me to let me know how he was doing. Luchi recovered quickly and nicely. As bad as he was hurt from the hit to the head, Luchi was back to himself within a few months. I have to thank all of the doctors for their professional and caring attitdues.